Variety Is The Spice Of Life

I am a conundrum.

On the one hand, I like routine and familiarity and my comfort zone, as anyone might. But on the other hand, I get restless when I feel life is getting too staid and dull. I don’t like being in a rut; it leads to boredom and being unmotivated.

And often from a place of apathetic uninvolvement, I am not inspired to work on either my anti-bucket list or even my bucket list. Sometimes I need a more instant boost just to get daily things done first, and to make life interesting again before I can work on a grander purpose.

Here are some tools I have used to randomize and energize my life when it becomes too routine:

Rising Heroes – One of my favorite tools, but unfortunately this story-driven fitness/wellness platform doesn’t exist anymore. But Nerd Fitness, the creators of Rising Heroes, came out with something they call Nerd Fitness Prime which appears to be more comprehensive and cheaper than Rising Heroes used to be. If you need help in the areas of fitness or nutrition, this would be my first choice for motivation. It does cost some money, however. They offer both monthly and annual subscription options.

Level Up Life – This is free, though you do need to register on either their website or the app. It’s fairly straight-forward; you get a variety of categories with tasks worth a certain number of experience points. (You can also create your own tasks/point values if the selection isn’t enough for you to choose from.) As you gain experience, you will eventually level up and unlock more tasks to do. I like this app for the sheer variety of options, though my one drawback is that I haven’t found it to be intuitive for finding a particular task to do – ie, no ‘search’ feature. But it does appear the dev is still working on/updating things, so perhaps that will come out in a future edition?

Decision Maker: Spin the Wheel – This app is available in Google Play and possibly the Apple app store too (though I am not sure if the app in both is the same; but they look very similar). Again, this is free with ads, but they aren’t terribly intrusive. What I like about this app is the amount of customization of wheels to spin. I chose the wheel ‘Activities at Home’ to start with, and within minutes I had it customized to my preferences (23 options, which I then doubled), and now I have a handy random generator whenever I am trying to decide what to do next!

Overall, there are many apps, websites, and other resources out there to help motivate and inspire. I have tried perhaps most of them, but these are the ones I have used the most. What do you use to add variety and color back into your life again when routine gets to be too much? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below or Contact me.

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