The Reaction Game

It’s been a long week.

I know my own emotions have been up and down – often several times in the same day! – which means I’m not always on my best form.

Sometimes I say things or do things in the moment because I’m tired or moody or sad; sometimes I act impulsively or hastily because I’m excited or inspired or a dreamer.

I’m never my ‘ideal self’.

And neither is anyone else.

Research suggests there are nearly 30 unique emotions. Maybe more. But think of all those ways someone could respond to the ways that you or I act. That’s a lot of potential for miscommunication!

Since two of my anti-bucket list fears involve embarrassment and rejection, which can happen when all these emotions conflict with each other, I decided to make a ‘game’ out of it.

I created a card with many of the emotions and responses a person could have in reaction to things I say or do, so that as I encounter these, I can mark them down. It helps remove the sting out of a less-than-ideal situation, if at least I can add it to my ‘collection’.

If this is you too, here is the card I created. Feel free to ‘play’ The Reaction Game as you wish – you could try to get a full row or column checked off, or you could compare cards with someone else to see who has the most reactions, use them as role-playing ideas to walk through potential situations (‘what would you do if someone…?’), or share stories about the more interesting ones that have happened to you.

Important disclaimer: I am NOT suggesting that anyone deliberately provoke reactions just to add them to their collection. Nor would I ever suggest that you react in negatively inappropriate ways to others, just because those emotions or reactions may be on the card. I am not responsible for the outcomes of communication or miscommunication that may happen.

Alright, leave me a comment below or Contact me with your reaction to this post! ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I will add them to my own card if applicable….

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