Discomfort. Unease. Trepidation. Stress. Anxiety. Fear. Panic attacks. Nightmares.

These are some of the range of emotions and reactions we can feel when dealing with something unknown or scary. It doesn’t even have to be a universally accepted definition of a frightening situation; we all have our own personal limits of what we can handle. Some real; some self-perceived. All unnerving.

That’s where this blog starts.

At the threshold of fear. On the edge of the comfort zone, looking out.

It’s choosing to take that one step over the line – not a step of ‘no return’, but a step of defiance. A step of defiance against being ruled by fear. A step of trust and faith that things can be different; that they can be better. A step that leads to ‘What if?’ Not the ‘what if?’ of our worries, but the ‘what if?’ of our futures. The potential that awaits when we make that choice to defy being contained solely inside our comfort zones.

The world is huge; far too big to be limited to just what we are comfortable with. Imagine if we could expand that circle of our confidence; if we were comfortable with enlarging our reach to grasp all that was out there. 

That’s where this blog is going.

Out into the world to conquer fears and discomforts. To see what potential lies beyond the comfort zone.

Want to come along on this journey?

If you’re new, start here. Otherwise feel free to browse around the blog as you have interest. If you care to send me your own anti-bucket list journey snapshots and progress reports, please do so! I would love to feature your stories on this blog; I can be reached through the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

Conquer on!


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